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LY Nicolette

LY Nicolette

LY Nicolette
Nicolette is a tawny-toned, alluring beauty for Genesis 2. Angelic looks and naught spirit, she is a foxy babe ready to grace any render. Designed with multiple options, each of her three tattoos can be worn alone or in combination with the others. Just pick and click for the right look.

Options include eight custom eye colors. Plus ten makeups, ten lipsticks and ten matching nail fashionable designs are included. All are unique and custom hand painted. For extra fun, there are extra reflections for just the right look.. As always, there are eleven presets that include makeup, nails and lips for an all-in-one pick and click

Europe for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Europe for Genesis 2 Female(s)


Europe provides 13 new European head morphs for the Genesis 2 Female(s).
The morphs are based on a real people so as to avoid over stylized features.

The set is focused on delivering some strong features and a touch of natural quirkiness to the Genesis 2 Female(s),
the morphs cover 13 different nationalities, providing some Germanic, Nordic and Eastern European beauty to your dial mix.

The morphs can be combined with each other and with all other Head morphs for Genesis 2 Female(s).

Required Products:
- Genesis 2 Female