» Adding Post Rules

Adding Post Rules

We are happy to have you and hope you feel comfortable enough to join us.
To keep things running smoothly, please read and follow these guidelines:
Search before you post
Use both old and new search option.
Post only in English, NO Adult posts, NO movies, NO DVDs, NO games

We are a GFX site
No freebies in main site, use the appropriate Thread in the Forum section
Avoid redundancies. Files, duplicating others already posted will be deleted.
If the post link are dead then you can add the post, If the post have at least one active link then add mirror link in the post comment, but do not duplicate a post.
The mirror link cannot be as same as the main post upload site link, If the link get deleted then you can provide the same file host link.
Use Hide Tag To Hide The Download Link In Comment So That The Link Stay Long
You can fix a dead link in your own post, then you can edit your post, now just click the edit button.

Topgfx moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any posts or links that they deem inappropriate or were duplicated.

Simply upload your file(s) to RapidShare or Putlocker.com and include the download-link in your post.
You can also mirror your file(s) on other hosts (like mirrorcreator.com DepositFiles, ZippyShare, 4Shared, zippyshare, Rapidgator,SockShare etc).
Contact Moderators for Assistance

How To Add Post

Go Here
Then in the Add news page you will see demo text .. just replace the demo text with your post info
=>Some Point You Should Remember

Title should be like this "product name same from store"
like XYZ or ABC etc
Image Should Be Uploaded in imgur.com
If it contain adult picture do not add the adult image add Parental Advisory as image.
Download Link Must Be Inside Hide Tag.
You should put Description and also the store link as show in the Add News Demo Text.
Also select the right Category.
Check The File/Zip/Rar you are uploading for here .. we didnt allow file with other site name inside ( you will be banned )

Upgrade To View Link
Once you post 2 post wait for 1 to 24 hour it will automatic upgrade your account.
If you post something that is not right and we delete it then you will not get upgrade.
If your post link get dead and we delete your post then also you will be downgraded.

Add 5 Post/3d Stuff and you will get upgrade again and reduce annoying Ads.

We have the right to edit this rules any time. So please check frequently.