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Agna Accessories 2 by Third Degree

Agna Accessories 2 by Third Degree


'I was diving off the coast of Madagascar, really beautiful, by the way, the fish, when up come these two undersea ninja, all dressed in black. Unbelievable, right? I mean the black outfits, so clich?©. They try to knife me, and they did succeed in cutting my air hose. That was scary, I??™ll tell you. Luckily for me, I had my trusty rebreather. Unluckily, for them, when I repaid the favor, they didn??™t.'

Agna Accessories 2 takes you to a world of undersea adventure! This premium set of custom-crafted P11 Underwater Gun and Holster, Dive Knife and Sheath and Micro Rebreather for Agna?„? by Third Degree comes from MCDLabs. Don??™t just dive, dive in style!

Get Agna Accessories 2 today, and take your diving experience to the Third Degree!