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PickUp 101 - 60 Minute Seductions

PickUp 101 - 60 Minute Seductions

PickUp 101 - 60 Minute Seductions
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Most men don??™t realize that THEY are the ones who hold themselves back from experiencing the relationship fantasies they??™ve always dreamed about??¦
For example, in the last seminar I asked the audience to raise their hand if they could think of a relationship or fantasy with a woman that they knew was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to have.
Nearly half the room raised their hand. And each time a student gave their description of an impossible relationship or fantasy with a woman??¦ almost without fail I had either experienced it or personally knew someone who had.
What surprised everyone even more was 9 times out of 10, after one student described an impossible situation I could find a person in that very audience who DID that very same thing!

This means, no matter how crazy??¦ no matter how out of the realm of normal social boundaries, or what is considered ???normal???, of a relationship you want with a woman (or women!) there is someone who has done it before you??¦ even better ??“ I??™ve probably done it and I??™m willing to teach you how to make it happen in your life!

Check out some of the tasty morsels that you'll see on 60-Minute Seductions:
Disc #1: Escalation
Do you know exactly how to move things forward, or are you fumbling in the dark hoping you're successful? Disc #1 tells you why what most guys do is secretly killing their chances with women...

Are you doing any of these:
??? Why doing what you're "supposed to do" isn't respectful - it's making her frustrated!
??? The most important giveaway that communicates that you're not comfortable moving things forward, and the simple way to avoid it!
??? The Secret "It Just Happened..." technique... (Use this sparingly... It's TOO Powerful for Everyday Use!)
??? When you??™re getting more intimate with a woman, often she??™ll tell you ???no??? just to test you to see if you react this certain way??¦ and??¦ if you do ??“ she won??™t sleep with you. You need to know how to past this ???test??? if you want to get more intimate, more often!
??? How to turn the tables around & make HER ESCALATE (Most Dating Gurus have NO idea how this works!)
??? The Most Important Thing that you Need to Know About Her... (By not knowing this, You'll Fail 100% of the time!)
??? Why the advice you got in high school about getting to first base, second, then third and trying to steal home will set you up for MORE resistance when trying to sleep with a woman??¦ and??¦ the simple strategy you should adopt instead which makes her more comfortable and ready for action!

Disc #2: The Supergirls Tell ALL!
In Disc #2, I talk about the nitty-gritty details on turning off her Logical mind and taking her on a sensual, emotional journey...
The Supergirls join me for an In-Depth Talk about What Works for Them, and Show You how to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Guys Make with Amazing Women!

You'll also learn:
??? Why sex just isn??™t an ???act?????¦ and the 7 deeper meanings sex could have for your woman (once you find out which one of these she connects with and you appeal to it throughout sex??”HOLD ON!)
??? The number one thing a woman desperately NEEDS to be able to tell her friends after she has had sex with you (if you try to get her to do something which would keep her from being able to tell her friends this afterwards, you??™ll always get resistance!)
??? When it comes to seducing a woman??¦ you can try ANYTHING once ??“ as long as you follow this one simple rule!
??? Your #1 Enemy - Do you know what it is? (Hint: It's NOT Last Minute Resistance!)
??? ???When in Doubt??”Whip It Out!??? This is one of the most powerful (and ballsy) rules of seduction (it will save you time and time again!)??¦ and??¦ you??™ll learn how to put it to work for you immediately!

Disc #3: Reading HER Signals
OK, you've got her at your place... She's interested... At least you think she is... If you pay close enough attention, Women will Actually Tell you how to Seduce them... Disc #3 shows you what cues to look for, what pitfalls to avoid, and WHY it all works!

??? How Equestrian Jumping relates to Seduction... (If you mess this up, You'll end up in your bed Alone Every Time!)
??? ???When in Doubt??”Whip It Out!??? This is one of the most powerful (and ballsy) rules of seduction (it will save you time and time again!)??¦ and??¦ you??™ll learn how to put it to work for you immediately!
??? The Magic Phrases that allow you to Break All The Rules (no, it's not "Nice Shoes, let's F#^k!")
??? When "No" Actually Means "Not Right Now"... And how to know EXACTLY which one it is...

Disc #4: Field-Tested Seduction Techniques
There she is... You're walking the tightrope of success or failure... The only thing that can make you crash and burn is if you do something stupid...

??? Lance and his Crack-Team of Instructors Show You Their Favorite Seduction Techniques and WHY each one works!
??? How to avoid the ???dark side??? of learning pickup and dating by keeping yourself focused on what you really want??¦ and??¦ not getting sidetracked by arbitrary goals.
??? How women can tell whether or not you're the type of guy who actually gets women in his bed... Or if you're 'all talk.' (and the Perfect way to Project Sexuality without being creepy or slimy.)

Disc #5: Know when to Say "No"
How many times have you gotten into a relationship with a woman, and something just felt 'off' ...and you go there anyway, just to have it Crash and Burn in your face?
Disc #5 gives you my best stuff about why you should listen to that little voice inside your head and what 'Red Flags' to look out for when it comes to women...

You'll also learn:
??? Why most girls think of sex as ???currency??? and how this keeps you both from having mind-blowing, passionate experiences with each other. And how to reframe her view of sex with you so this is no longer an issue!
??? How to know if a woman is using you for your money??¦ how to keep from training her to be a gold digger (for most guys even if the girl is really sweet they accidentally train her to be a gold digger ??“ and no it goes much deeper than just spending money on her all the time)
??? What a Parrot on a Girl's shoulder says about a girl... (and no, she wasn't a Pirate!)
...and so much more!

PickUp 101 - 60 Minute Seductions

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