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???I??™m diving the Caribbean, off the Grenadines, interdicting drug shipments. It??™s late and I??™m not in the mood for any foolishness. I check my watch. Exactly five minutes of air left.

Finally saw these tacky old-school frogmen, right out of Thunderball, stashing drugs in an underwater cave. It would take me at least four minutes to swim around behind them. I had to try.

When I got there, I surprised them alright, and one tried to get fresh. My speargun showed him the error of his ways, and I got them up to the Interpol fast-boat with seconds to spare. I love this watch. I love this speargun.???

Agna Accessories 1 takes you to a world of oceangoing adventure! This premium set of custom-crafted goggles, dive watch and speargun for Agna?„? by Third Degree comes from top designer blondie9999. It features bold looks in a variety of striking colors. The watch makes any outfit complete, the speargun and spear are dangerous and the goggles are just plain fly-looking. Don??™t just dive, dive in style!

Get Agna Accessories 1 today, and take your undersea exploits to the Third Degree!

Program Compatibility: Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 2+