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NextLimit RealFlow | Cinema 4D | 38.5 mb

Next Limit product team is pleased to announce the availability of RealFlow | Cinema 4D, the latest version of its fluid simulation software for Cinema 4D.

Features added
- RFCFD-634 - New daemon that allows for the creation of the fluid effect typically seen at Hi-speed macro photography.
- RFCFD-669 - Force scale for daemons.
- RFCFD-682 - New curvature-cohesion model added to surface tension daemon.
- RFCFD-668 - Mesher can be clipped using Cinema R20 fields.
- RFCFD-630 - Quads can be used, instead of triangles, for meshing.
- RFCFD-673 - Stitcher for Alembic files.
- RFCFD-666 - Sub-frame interpolation, to sample properly creation of particles and daemon forces between frames.
- RFCFD-670 - Translation/Rotation/Scale transformations for fluids.
- RFCFD-678 - Thinking Particles and geometry instances can be scaled using particles speed, age and vorticity.
- RFCFD-632 - New menu buttons for quick access to "Cache Simulation", "Cache Meshes" and toggle "Use cache" on/off.
- RFCFD-651 - New Node "Spline Control Circle" to increase flexibility to define forces in "Spline Daemon" and particle emission in "Spline Emitter".
- RFCFD-622 - Possibility to enable/disable disk write per node in the Cache parameters tab.
- RFCFD-560 - New "Cache filename" parameter for domain and mesh nodes, to specify the filename prefix that will be used as output.
- RFCFD-533 - When a caching process is about to be launched, check node names in the scene to warn the user about possible name conflicts.
- RFCFD-679 - License file can be installed with License Dialog.
- RFCFD-351 - Array Tool: Parameters can't be animated for meshes.
- RFCFD-517 - Initial State files created in RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 are not compatible with 2.0 version due to the switch from RPC to Alembic.
- RFCFD-580 - Mesh fluid/emitter weight vertex map computation is limited to a maximum amount of 10.
- RFCFD-358 - File paths can't have unicode characters on Mac OS X.
- RFCFD-519 - Simulation steps configuration from RealFlow | Cinema 4D 1.0 scenes is reset to Auto mode when opened in version 2.0 and higher.
- RFCFD-469 - Simulation look on render may differ between multiple simulation/renders unless caching is enabled.
- RFCFD-486 - Objects deformed with Rigid, Elastic and Particle Skinner only support motion blur when using the Point Cache tag.
- RFCFD-499 - Particle render instances are not rendered/recognized by NVIDIA's Iray.
- RFCFD-500 - Motion blur with meshes doesn't work with NVIDIA's Iray.
- RFCFD-501 - Motion blur with meshes doesn't work with Maxwell Render.
Limitations fixed
- RFCFD-356 - When using a multi-segment spline with the spline emitter node the "Prev" and "Next" buttons only iterate through the control points on the current segment.
Fixed bugs
- RFCFD-667 - Instances should be created in the same place where the particles are regardless the scene transformation.
- RFCFD-680 - Sometimes the number of mesh channels are less than the number of fluids to mix.
- RFCFD-354 - If a segment is removed the configuration of the circles of the other segments is reset.
- RFCFD-353 - Undo/Redo is not working when a control point is added.
Known bugs
- RFCFD-522 - Emitter ID value is not preserved on scene reopening.
- RFCFD-551 - Having two or more k Isolated daemons linked to the same fluid makes the isolation value grow as many times as the number of k Isolated linked daemons.

About RealFlow | Cinema 4D. Fluids simulation is one of the most challenging disciplines in the field of 3D. One of the industry's standard tools is Realflow from Next Limit, which was already available for use with Cinema 4D. Due to Realflow's complexity, simulations had to be meshed and then imported into Cinema 4D. Now, critical basic functions are available directly in Cinema 4D, which makes working with fluids simulations a great deal easier.

The recently released plugin connectivity to Realflow eliminates the need for importing and exporting and makes it possible to simulate fluids directly in Cinema 4D. In addition, popular Cinema 4D features such as MoGraph, Hair, PyroCluster and many other tools can be used in conjunction with Realflow. This promises a noticeable increase in production speed and flexibility.

Realflow is ideal for Cinema 4D users looking for a powerful solution for fluids simulation that doesn't throw their workflow a curve! The proven Dyverso Solvers ensure great-looking high-end simulations. And thanks to the GPU acceleration with CUDA and OpenCL support, complex scenes can be edited quickly and easily.

This tutorial is full of helpful workflow tips and perfect for viewers who are just learning or experienced using Real Flow plugin in Cinema 4D, hope you guys find this tutorial so useful and interesting.

About Next Limit Technologies. Next Limit Technologies provides cutting-edge simulation technologies for a broad range of applications in computer graphics, science and engineering. Next Limits products include "RealFlow" (comprehensive toolkit for fluid and physical dynamics simulation for visual effects industries), "Maxwell Render" (physically correct light simulation and render engine), and "XFlow" (new computational fluid dynamics software for engineering applications). All products have been developed using proprietary technology, are available for multiple platforms, and connect seamlessly with most major applications in the DCC and CAD markets.

Product: NextLimit RealFlow | Cinema 4D
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and higher
Software Prerequisites: Cinema 4D R17-R20
Size: 38.5 mb

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