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    Daz has released some babies for the Genesis 8 figure, but this time without a Pro Bundle. So it's up to those buying them to build their own bundles. So here is a list of all the released items for the babies starting with the two base babies Caryn HD and Tobyn HD for Genesis 8. And all the other products are listed here with SKU number and title.

    If anyone shares these or any of these it would be appreciated. I just spent my budget for this month on Mrs Chow and Mr Woo.

    Thanks everyone!

    The Baby List:

    57853_Caryn HD for Genesis 8 Female
    57855_Tobyn HD for Genesis 8 Male

    57857_Sleepsuit and Nappy for Genesis 8 Male and Female
    57869_First Toys and Stuff for Babies
    58199_Li'l Tobyn and Caryn Poses
    59057_Big Boss for Tobyn 8
    59317_dForce Fox Kigurama for Genesis 8
    59395_dForce Cowboy Costume for Genesis 8 Male(s)
    59419_Mara HD for Caryn 8
    59503_dForce Cozy Knit Outfit for Genesis 8
    59677_Baby Accessories for Genesis 8
    59691_Family Poses for Caryn and Tobyn with Genesis 8
    59697_Small World for Caryn 8 HD and Tobyn 8 HD
    59705_Small World Baby Locks Hair for Genesis 3 and 8
    59709_dForce Onesie for Genesis 8
    59717_dForce Ruffle Princess for Genesis 8 Female(s)
    59723_dForce Baby Love Outfit for Caryn and Genesis 8 Female(s)
    59731_Little Darling Poses and Expressions for Tobyn and Caryn
    59799_dForce Fox Kigurama Textures
    59933_dForce Cowboy Costume Textures
    59935_Caryn Summer Time Set for Genesis 8 Female(s)
    59987_Mixable Expressions for Caryn and Tobyn 8
    59991_Baby Oh Baby Shaders and Decals
    60021_dForce Ruffle Princess Textures
    60091_Z Bundles of Joy Poses and Expressions for Caryn and Tobyn
    60097_Gage for Tobyn 8 HD for Genesis 8 Male
    60133_dForce Flower Set Outfit for Caryn 8
    60139_Ella for Caryn 8
    60183_Make Me Itsy Bitsy Baby Props and Shaders
    60227_dForce Cozy Knit Outfit Textures
    60287_A New Life - Expressions for Caryn and Tobyn
    60381_Bundle of Joy Baby Bundle

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