Daz dog 8 - add-ons (anyone have any?)

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    I have found some of the basic Daz Dog 8 products on here but many of the fun and cool ones haven't shown up yet over a month or so after the Daz Dog was released into the wild.

    Does anyone have any of these items to share with us?

    Thanks in Advance!

    Daz Dog 8 - Add-Ons (ANYONE HAVE ANY?)

    51399_Playful Poses for Daz Dog 8
    51695_Dog Agility Course
    51889_Best Dog Poses for Daz Dog 8
    52205_Dragon Dog for Daz Dog 8
    52327_Dog Agility Course Poses
    52345_Best Friend Poses for Daz Dog 8
    52685_Dog Attack Suit for Genesis 8 Male(s)
    52693_Bear Dog for Daz Dog 8
    52931_Benji The Puppy Props and Poses
    53151_Home Sweet Home Props for DAZ Dog(s) 8
    53177_Chew Time Props for Daz Dog(s) 8
    53305_Dog Waste Station and Props
    53365_Hellhound HD for Daz Dog 8
    53431_Daz Dog 8 Service Vest
    53531_Dog Days of Summer Props
    53603_Dirty Dog for Daz Dog 8
    53625_Daz Dog 8 Service Gear Add On Textures
    53627_Daz Dog 8 Service Vest Everyday Sweaters
    53703_Naughty Dog Props and Poses for Daz Dog 8
    54341_Utility Dog Vests for Daz Dog 8
    54565_Undead for Daz Dog 8
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